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A tiled stove offers something for all senses.
Curl up in the corner of the sofa on a bitterly cold evening and enjoy the warmth, the crackling, the smell of burning wood and the fascinating dance of the flames.

A tiled stove is a real feel-good piece of furniture.
When asked what they would most like to have in their home, the Swedes answered in a living habits survey a few years ago: "a fireplace". And for many, the tiled stove is the dream: the fireplace of fireplaces. Several hundred years old, it is still one of the absolute most efficient heat sources – and the most unsurpassedly beautiful.

Are you thinking about buying a tiled stove?
Do you want to know more about your old tiled stove?
Do you want to get better at burning in and caring for your tiled stove?
This site is for you. Warm welcome!

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