How often do you have to vacuum?


Okay! If you have read the previous pages about rules regarding sweeping, you are now well read. But what we need to find out now is how often it should be swept.


It is up to each municipality to decide how often they think is appropriate. The reason for this is that the need obviously differs from Haparanda to Ystad due to the temperature differences. Check with your municipality, in other words.


However, we can look in the National Rescue Service's general advice and comments on cleaning (sweeping) and fire protection control to hear their recommendations:
Local fireplaces
If burning takes place in local fireplaces, sooting can be done as follows:
Deadline Application criteria
– 1 year: Refers to fireplaces that are the primary source of heatingof the space where the fireplace is set up or for cooking.
– 4 years: Refers to fireplaces that are not the primary source ofheating the space where the fireplace is installed orfor cooking.
- 4 years: The fireplace is located in a holiday home.
The municipality's regulations on sweeping deadlines should also regulate the possibilitieswith the exception of the sweeping when firing did not take place between twosweeping occasions, the transitional procedure for the introduction of new regulationsabout sweeping deadlines and possibilities to, in individual cases, change the sweeping deadlinewhen it is conditioned for fire protection reasons. 

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