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Cooking: in the best way in stoves, tiled stoves and fireplaces – 1 October 2021

Burning wood is a wonderful way to heat your home. And if it is done in the right way, it is both smart and environmentally friendly. This inspiring book contains everything you need to know about choosing wood, lighting in the best way and getting the energy in the fuel to turn into the most heat possible. There are also unexpected and fun tips here. This is the handbook for anyone who has a stove, fireplace, tiled stove, wood stove or wood boiler!

The tile oven in Sweden , 31 Aug. 2021
Until the beginning of the 20th century, the tiled stove remained by far the most important source of heat in Swedish homes. Both technology and aesthetics were refined, although it is mainly the same basic principle that is still used today in tile stove sets. Nowadays, the tile kiln is an important example of the Enlightenment's work with technology, science and craftsmanship, and by following the tile kiln's development, a window is opened to the world of thought of the 18th century.

My tiled stove and me, 2014
This is the prelude to a story about ten specially selected tile kilns in Malmö and the people who are allowed to live near them today. A tribute to something that was and still is.

For those of you who prefer to read a good detective story, check out:

The tile stove murder, 2015

The tile stove murder, also known in the media as the dentist murder, was a murder that occurred in Stockholm on Maundy Thursday, April 19, 1962. Dentist Robert Aspelin was beaten to death by bank employee Wilhelm Rodius, who wanted to hide the fact that he embezzled money from Aspelin to finance the renovation of a mansion .

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