Sometimes some liquid flows out of the soot hatch. Why?

It could be rainwater.
If the chimney does not have a rain cover over it, it may happen that some rainwater gets into the brickwork. Smaller amounts are absorbed by the brick and mortar, especially if you fire regularly of course, but if it rains a lot it can collect at the bottom of the brick or on the damper if it is closed and then run out through one of the lower soot hatches when you open the damper.
If you have inserted a chimney hose into the brick (you can do this as a solution if the brick is leaky), the water slides down even more easily and can appear as a little grey/brown colored liquid because it is colored by soot.
However, there aren't any large amounts that find their way down to the tiled stove, so it's rarely something that has to cause any action.
You can put a cover over the chimney or over just the flue to prevent water from running down. Then just remember to make sure that the protection is at a sufficient distance above the chimney so that the smoke can come out properly, otherwise the draft may deteriorate.

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