Who can carry out a fire safety inspection?


You can now clean your own house under certain conditions, read more about it here.But what about the fire protection check, can I carry it out myself?


No I can not. It is a municipal responsibility to ensure that the fire safety inspection is carried out in the municipality, under its own auspices or outsourced, and a property owner may not carry this out on his own. The municipality thus decides who will do it for you. 

The law prescribes a competence requirement for the person who must carry out fire safety inspections.
This can be read about in the National Rescue Service's regulations on cleaning (sweeping) and fire safety control, (SRVFS 2005:9):

14 § Authorized to carry out fire protection inspection according to ch. 3. Section 4 of the Act onprotection against accidents is the person who has passed the exam as a chimney sweep technicianaccording to Section 1 of the Ordinance (2003:477) on training in protection against accidents.The same applies to those who, according to older regulations, have taken a technical degreefor chimney sweeps, completed a course for master chimney sweeps or have completed itmaster's degree for chimney sweeps.

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More information about what applies to fire safety checks can be found on the Swedish Rescue Agency's website.