How do you brick a tiled stove?

How do you build up a tiled stove? Yes, to begin with, the title is perhaps a bit misleading. "Man" in the sense of "anyone" does not just build a tiled stove, but it is a rather complicated story that requires knowledge. As a rule, in other words, it is a job for a professional.

But of course, if you are ambitious enough, even an amateur can learn how to brick a tiled stove. Courses in this are held here and elsewhere. If installing a tiled stove is a one-time event, it may not be worth the trouble, but if you intend to get more than one tiled stove, or if your house already has several tiled stoves that will eventually need to be replaced, then you may want to consider try your hand at this art.

But as a rule, you turn to a tile stove maker or a mason who knows how to do this with tile stoves to build up a new or old tile stove.The bricklayer will bring materials himself or provide you with a shopping list with very specific requirements. The oven must be built with fireproof bricks, which compared to ordinary brick boilers cost much, much more.
For the masonry, clay mortar is used which is created from sand or the like. That particular detail is important, because if you use cement mortar, the tiled stove becomes basically impossible to take down again when it's your children's turn (or so) to have the tiled stove taken down and rebuilt. It is therefore important that clay mortar is used.

Here's how to build a tiled stove:
The bricklayer starts at the bottom, of course, with a foundation and then walls up in a complex labyrinthine system of flues. The tiles themselves are not allowed to come near the fire, and so they are filled with clay mortar before being attached to the outside of the tiled stove. What you and I regard as the tile stove itself, the beautiful tiles with decor and such, is only a decorative facade on what actually "makes" the whole tile stove: the smart flues inside are the ones that keep the heat. 

Tips!Cracked pieces of tile can be repaired - either only with a joint, or also with ordinary glue. Ask at the paint store. 

Tips!If you're missing a piece – huh – of the tiled stove, you'll be able to replace it with an equally large patch of plaster that is plastered with linseed oil/turpentine and then painted with white (or whatever the color of the tiled stove is) oil paint. A craftsman can also make supplementary tiles if a single one is missing. Ask for a quote.