"Fake" tile stove

"Fake" tiled stove - what is it?

The 18th century decorators came up with an exciting thing: they wanted to create balance in the room and therefore sometimes created a kind of pendant to a tiled stove by building a wooden cabinet that looked exactly like the tiled stove.
The cabinet was built up in an opposite part of the room and painted to look as similar to the tiled stove as possible. The cabinet could then  be used for storage or even be a door to a back staircase or similar.

Not a bad idea for you who are handy: "copy" your tiled stove in the opposite corner of the room! 

The image examples here [Sorry, coming soon!] are a slightly modernized example, but with the same "pendang" idea as its origin. The beautiful rounded corner cabinet picks up the design language of the tiled stove in a beautiful way and gives balance to the room. 

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