Marshmallows & S'mores

Simple Tile Oven Roasted Marshmallows 

  1. Buy home round, large marshmallows (should always be in the pantry from now on).
  2. Place a couple of marshmallows at the far end of a barbecue skewer or fork.
  3. Grill them over the flames in the tile oven, rotating the skewer so that it turns golden brown all around.
    Watch out - for a brief, brief moment the Marshmallows are that perfect golden brown and slightly melted, then the next moment they catch fire and disappear in a sugary blue welding flame!
  4. But it doesn't matter - when that happens, you just nimbly blow out the burning Marshmallow and eat it burnt, like American kids always did!J Just don't burn your tongue.

Other suggestions: grill the marshmallows until golden brown and hot, then dip in chocolate sauce and eat! 

Remember: roasting a Marshmallow perfectly golden brown is an art!

S'mores (Marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies)
 (S'mores got its name from all the little girl scouts who at countless American campfires yelled "Could I have some more?". Try saying that repeatedly really fast and you can probably guess why.)

A further development of this basic American cooking art are the delicious Marshmallow Biscuits. Every American family and Boy Scout troop is said to have its own tried-and-true recipe, passed down through the generations, but it usually goes like this:

  1. Take a cracker, like "Graham crackers". (So they are biscuits in the style of cheese tray biscuits, but not too salty. Some take Digestive biscuits, but they are actually a bit too crisp and sweet. But chocolate digestive biscuits are not bad for this!)
  2. Place a couple of squares of milk chocolate on the biscuit.
  3. Grill a marshmallow over the fire
  4. When the marshmallows are piping hot, remove them from the heat and place them on top of the chocolate chips on the biscuit and…
  5. … top the creation with another biscuit so that it forms a lovely "sandwish" of marshmallow/chocolate gojs. 

This is, of course, the dessert that follows only after a real home-grilled and sooty hot dog has been enjoyed, directly strung on a grill stick. Think, a whole meal can be made right at the tile stove in your own home! 


PS and to all you parents of toddlers out there: remember that even the fussiest foodie will eat what he grilled himself over the tile stove fire!J